Best things to do in Bishkek

On : 28/2/2018

Though the USSR disintegrated in 1991, the Soviet legacy persists in Bishkek in the forms gleaming skyscrapers, elegant buildings and grid structures of the city. Superlative monuments, eclectic museums, a nightlife that’s is on a par with the best in the world, an amazing performing arts scene, cheap cafés and restaurants, mouth-water cuisines- Bishkek offers something for everyone.
In addition, Bishkek, formerly known as Frunze, is a jumping off point for the spectacular Tien Shan Mountains. Here's our selection of best things to do in the Kyrgyz capital.

Pay a visit to the Victory Square

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, this monument in the centre of the Victory Square was built in 1984 representing a mother waiting for her husband and sons to return from war.

Monument to Baatyr Kaba Uulu Kozhomkul

The most impressive of the monuments in the capital is the statue of Baatyr Kaba Uulu Kozhomkul representing this legendary wrestler, who inspired several generations of athletes in the country, carrying a horse on his shoulders.

Be Amazed at Ala-Too Sqaure

A visit to Bishkek is not complete without spending some time in Ala-Too Sqaure. Ala-Too, the city’s main square is considered one of the most popular and favourite parts of the capital. Apart from some beautiful fountains, it has a statute of statue of Mighty Manas.

See wonderful artworks at State Museum of Fine Arts

Located in close proximity to the Bishkek Opera and Ballet Theatre in Sovietskaya, State Museum of Fine Arts is a popular tourist site in Bishkek. A visit to the State Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek is worthwhile to have a glimpse of traditional Kyrgyz embroidery and intricate jewellery, a wide array of paintings.

Taste the Delicious Traditional Cuisine of Kyrgyzstan

You will have ample opportunities to savour a wide array of culinary delights that Kyrgyz cuisine has to offer. Kyrgyz food has influences from Kazakhstan, Russia, China and Turkey. Must eats in Bishkek are laghman (handmade noodles with lamb), manti (traditional Turkish dumplings with meat or pumpkin), kazy or chuchuk (horse meat sausages) and plov (a delicious mix of rice, meat and vegetables). All these dishes will taste even better when taken with some vodka.

Shop at Osh bazaar

The best place for buying souvenirs and handicrafts is at the Osh bazaar, a vibrant flea market in the Kyrgyz capital. The market teems with thousands of people visiting hundreds of stalls selling everything from traditional Kyrgyz clothes to colourful shepherds' chests. Dordoi Bazaar is another famous market in Bishkek where the maze of narrow alleys and the shopkeepers that fill them make this a charming place to explore. The stuffs sold here are available for a bargain.

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