Visit Terrific Tashkent for Hidden Wonders and Good Food

On : 4/12/2017

It is to credit of Soviet prowess that Tashkent, completely destroyed by a horrible earthquake in 1966, was rebuilt and restored in its entirety in the later years. Today, this sprawling capital of Uzbekistan is rapidly emerging as an exotic travel destination attracting travellers who throng here to soak in the atmospheric ambience of old-world charm as well as experience a European vibe.

Exploring the city

Also, if you plan to travel to Tashkent, include Amir Temur Square on your list of must-see destinations. Named after Amir Temur, or Tamerlane as he is historically known in most parts of the world, the Amir Temur Square is another important attraction in Tashkent. Here the blue domed Amir Temur Museum, founded in 2006 on his 660th birthday, is embellished with stained glass and Islamic calligraphy and an important induction to the history of the Timurid dynasty containing artefacts, paintings, manuscripts, and engravings of that period. You will find a statue of Temur on horseback in full glory in the adjacent gardens.
A visit to the Independence Square (Mustaqillik Maydoni) is an absolute must if you happen to be in the city. Formerly known as Lenin Square, Independence Square, the epicentre of Tashkent, is visited by people in large number. There are some impressive buildings in the square including the gleaming Senate building located on its western side.
A ride on the city’s decent metro system will be a fulfilling experience. This is the only metro system in Central Asia.

Eat Plov

“Try the local food” is a common refrain by the travel writers when you embark on an exploration of a city. As a matter of fact, no trip to a city is complete without digging its local street food.
Tashkent, in fact, is a city worth not only seeing but also tasting. Try the most famous staple of Uzbekistan, Plov, a delicious mix of meat, onion, raisins and carrot. Savor the flat, circular bread known as nons or mouth-watering samsa (mutton pastry parcels). Last but not the least, you can enjoy the throbbing Uzbek nightlife at several bars in the city.


If you looking for traditional Uzbek souvenirs, visit the pedestrianized street of Broadway where you can find artists and painters selling pictures or Soviet knick-knacks.Also take time to browse the many markets including the dome-topped Chorsu Bazaar situated in the southern part of the old town and a few minutes’ drive from Independence Square. Here you can find every conceivable kind of stuffs for shopping from meats, cheeses, fresh handmade pasta to sneakers.
Visit Tashkent, the Central Asia’s largest city. Lal Bahadur Shastri Monument, Monument of Courage, Anar Bibi Mausoleum, Abul Kasim Madrasah, Juma Mosque are some of the many historical places in Tashkent. For those who love outdoor activities, a 1½-hour drive will take them to Ugam-Chatkal National Park which offers endless opportunities for skiing, rafting and hiking.

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