Why Azerbaijan attracts its tourists

On : 19/2/2018

Though an underrated destination, Azerbaijan has a wealth of tourists’ attractions. Nestled between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan is known for its sublime beauty, peerless treasures, thousands of years of history and mystical intrigue which ensure that even the most jaded of visitor will be awed by the enchanted magic of the country.
Today Azerbaijan has established as an exotic travel destination. The place is an assault on your senses. A land of exquisite natural beauty Azerbaijan is known for its wonderful cuisines and its gleaming skyscrapers coexisting with the walled Old City of Baku- now a UNESCO-listed world heritage site. The 12th century Maiden Tower (Qiz Qalasi) is a famous attraction in Baku. From the Baku Boulevard (also known as Seaside National Park) you can have a wonderful spectacle of the Caspian Sea reflecting city lights at night. The city boasts a wide array of cafes, restaurants and entertainment.
Few places in the world better showcase the seamless blend of tradition and modern than Azerbaijan, and its cosmopolitan capital Baku has rightly earned the sobriquet “The Paris of the East.” In fact, few cities in the world are changing as fast as Baku.
Apart from the amazing capital, there are other important reasons for Azerbaijan tourism. Despite its diminutive size, Azerbaijan is home to as many as nine climactic zones. Whether it is the snow-capped peaks of the Guba and Gusar Mountains, beautiful beaches or exotic wildlife, Azerbaijan will definitely impress you.


Steeped in history which is reflected in its palaces, museums and shops, the country offers whole lot of attractions to a discerning visitor.

Beautiful Beaches

While there are definitely several other attractions in Azerbaijan, the one reason many tourists are drawn to the country is its wonderful beaches in the Caspian Sea. Sixov beach is one of the most popular of the beaches in the country.

The great outdoors

Azerbaijan is home to more than half of the world’s 700 mud volcanoes. These are found in the sea, at the shore and on the islands. Explore the country’s hinterland to experience these amazing active volcanoes which are feast for the eyes.


While the Gizilagai Reserve in home to the largest waterfowl migration in Europe, Ilisu Reserve boasts about 50 species of rare and endangered plants. Declared a World heritage site by UNESCO, Gobustan national park is one the most famous sight of Azebaijan attracting thousands of visitors every year.
Azerbaijan is a destination with more than enough sights to captivate you there and plenty of surprises to keep the visitors dazzled. Though most visitors are drawn to the country by its spectacular monuments and dramatic scenery, the enduring memory is arguably its inhabitants and their way of life. The Azerbaijanis may live in a small country but they extend a warm welcome to those visiting their country.

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