Yerevan: An Enigma Waiting to be Discovered

On : 12/2/2018

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is attracting an ever-increasing number of inquisitive visitors looking to discover the fascinating and intricate history of the city which goes through millennia.
You won’t be able to resist the temptation of appreciating the beauty of Armenia’s capital city, with its Modernist buildings and leafy boulevards lined with cafés, restaurants and wine bars thronged by Armenians who like to partake in local gossip late into the night.
Apart from being the capital of Armenia, once part of the former Soviet Union, Yerevan is the leaping off point for the magnificent historic churches and monasteries that lure the tourists to other parts of this first Christian country in the world.
Yerevan is small enough to explore it entirely on foot.
Founded in 78BC – 29 years before Rome, Yerevan is rich in history. If you are historically minded a visit to the ruins of the Erebuni Fortress is an absolute must.
The laid-back culture and hospitality of the local populace make Yerevan tourists’ dream. Yerevan is a friendly city for the tourists and welcomes them with open arms. The Armenian capital is known for its compelling culture, but it is the city's people and their way of life that leaves the most enduring memory.
Yerevan is home to more than 30 museums. The History Museum in downtown Yerevan is the oldest in Yerevan. Founded in 1919, the museum exhibits thousands of archeological artifacts.
Situated on Mashtots Avenue, the Blue Mosque, only active mosque left in Armenia, is an oasis of tranquility for people who visit it to escape from the frenetic pace of life. Built in the 18th-century this Shia mosque features a central prayer hall adorned by intricate tiling work.

Shopping in Yerevan

Looking to buy some unique souvenirs for your near and dear ones back home? Vernissage, an amazing open-air flea market situated in the city center very close to Republic Square in Yerevan, is a great place to shop for souvenirs. As a matter of fact, no trip to Udaipur is complete without visiting Vernissage where you can pick up every conceivable kind of stuffs for shopping including circuit board components, Soviet relics, handicrafts, books, flags, memorabilia, ceramics, woodwork, paintings, jewellery, knives, and more!
You can also drop in at Cafesjian Center for the Arts if you are a connoisseur of contemporary art. Don't miss the Dalan Art Gallery to shop for all kinds of souvenirs at affordable rates.
So it is in the essential fitness of things that a tourist should consider setting aside a considerable amount of time in Yerevan at the end of your trip just to browse for souvenirs.


Yerevan is a wonderful place to sample its elaborate cuisine for which the city is renowned all over the world. The local cuisine is excellent. Chinar, a newly-opened restaurant in the middle Yerevan, has recently been named the best ethnic restaurant in the world. The restaurant serves extremely delicious dishes and is a place where you can savour the various delicacies of the country.

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